5 Poems

A collection by Scott Cumming

Scott Cumming unsuspectingly went to see Garden State wearing his Shins tee. He has been published at The Daily Drunk, Punk Noir Magazine, Versification, Mystery Tribune and Shotgun Honey. His poem, “Blood on Snow”, was voted the best of Outcast Press Poetry Things We Carry issue and nominated for a Pushcart. He is the author of A Chapbook About Nothing (Close to the Bone) and The Blue Chapbook (Championship Press).

Twitter: @tummidge Website:

Tie Slide

A short story by T. W. Garland

T.W. Garland buys more books than he could hope to read and wishes he had a better work ethic. His stories have appeared or are upcoming in Shotgun Honey, Dwelling Literary, Punk Noir Magazine, Dash Literary Journal, The Daily Drunk Magazine, Dark Dossier, Schlock! and a variety of anthologies.


A poem by Erica T. Holt

Erica T. Holt spends most of her time writing about the history of birth, but sometimes manages to sneak off to the woods to commune with mycelial networks and imbibe their knowledge of the world so she can write some poetry as well. You can find her on Twitter @EricaTeaHolt.

3 Poems

A collection by Miriam Calleja

Miriam Calleja (she/her) writes poetry in two languages.  She has three poetry collections – Pomegranate Heart, Inside, and Stranger Intimacy, and a collaboration titled Luftmeer. She has been published in various anthologies such as those by Indigo Dreams Publishing, Oxford Brookes University, and The Gloucestershire Poetry Society. 

Her work has been translated into Arabic, Slovene, Greek, Romanian, French, Norwegian, German, and Frisian. She hosts regular creative writing workshops and poetry courses. She transcribes intimacies and interactions into poetry. She learns and lives through collaboration. Miriam is from the island of Malta and currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

Twitter: miriam_calleja

Instagram: Miriam Calleja

Fuck This Poem

A poem by Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams is a writer and theatre artist living in the backwoods of the American South. His work can be found in Deep South Magazine and 101 Words.

Not for the First Time

A short story by Murphy Parys

Murphy Parys (they/them) is a writer, illustrator, and Certified Gamer(tm) from North Wales who graduated from Bangor University with a BA in Creative and Professional Writing. They’ve been published previously in Blue Pencils, but they spend more time posting niche fanfiction for an avid audience of twelve. They tweet very occassionally over at @murphychipped on Twitter.

The Pigeon Portrait

A short story by Ashwini Gangal

Ashwini Gangal is a clinical psychologist by training, media journalist by profession, and fiction writer at heart. She is based in Mumbai and has spent the pandemic in her inner world of literary abundance.

I Want to go Home

A collection of poetry by Connie Bacchus

“[These poems] have been wandering around loose in the desert and landed on the porch this morning. They are tired from flying against strong winds and would like to sit in fresh cut grass. Some of them feel stronger, don’t pay attention to that. Some are overtly sexual in nature. Some stole my mail of the porch and won’t give it back. I am sure they want to go wild and dance near the bonfire. Think that.” – the author

D144-D146, D149-D150

A collection of poetry by Marc Isaac Potter

Marc Isaac Potter (they/them) … is a differently-abled writer living in the SF Bay Area. Marc’s interests include blogging by email and Zen. They have been published in Fiery Scribe Review, Feral A Journal of Poetry and Art, Poetic Sun Poetry, and Provenance Journal. Twitter is @marcisaacpotter.

The Mother Tree

A short story by Rose Malana

Rose Malana is a young registered nurse who has been writing for ten years. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her two beagles, Cherry and Addi.

The Next President of the United States of America

A short story by Alex Miller

Alex Miller is the author of the novel White People on Vacation (Malarkey Books, 2022). His fiction had appeared in Pidgeonholes, Maudlin House and MoonPark Review. He lives in Denver.


A flash fiction by Duncan Ros

Duncan Ros is a writer and musician from the Pacific Northwest. His fiction has appeared in Shotgun Honey, Juked, Horror Sleaze Trash, and others.

you plan to move to florida and all i see is red

A prose-poem by K. N. McDougall

K.N. McDougall (they/them) is a Colorado-based speculative fiction writer. Their work has been in the Midnight Mass Anthology, Spooky Gaze Mag, and is forthcoming in the Hell is Real Anthology. They can often be found pitching story ideas to rocks and cryptids on hikes

Cape Disappointment/Too Much Teeth

A pair of poems by Dusti RWF

Dusti RWF (they/them) is a queer, disabled, bicoastal poet & writer. You can find their work in Lavender Lime Literary, Zen Poetry, Being Known, The Open Kimono, and forthcoming in boats against the current. They are founder & editor of Delicate Emissions Poetry Zine. Find them on Twitter at @heydusti.


A short story by Alyson Smith

Bio: Alyson Smith works as a visual artist and writer. Throughout 2022 her practice evolved to be dominated by poetry and attempting to write the perfect short story. Alyson often considers herself unable to fit into ‘normal’ society due to her bi-polar diagnosis; however her poetry has shown her just how reassuringly mundane her life actually is. She is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at the Open University.

Counting Lives

A poem by Evy Couling

Evy Couling is a queer writer who grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. She now lives in Arcata, CA. Her Poem “Reading Dickinson by Candlelight” won second place in the 2021 Seven Gill Shark Review Contest at College of the Redwoods. Evy’s work has most recently appeared in Giving Room Mag.

Where are the Mitchells?

A short story by Cindy Hossain

Cindy Hossain was raised in South Africa. She emigrated to the United Kingdom, where she now looks after her young family whilst doing a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.

A Perfect Husband

A short story by Amy Coles

Trigger Warning: Abuse, decay

Amy Coles was born in Northampton, and is currently studying for her PhD in English Literature at the University of Buckingham. The research for her thesis explores the double motif in literature of the gothic, horror, and science fiction. She is a fan of anything frightening, macabre, and a little twisted. ‘A Perfect Husband’ is Amy’s first short story.

Diversity Win: The Demon Eating Humans is Non-Binary

A short story by A. Gaskamp

Trigger Warning: Suicide, mild gore, mentions of transphobia, coercive control

A. Gaskamp is a part-time human who wrote a novella titled A History of Rowana. Twitter @aquietentity42


A flash fiction by Herman

Herman is a writer in West Virginia. His primary work concerns the small literary movement known as hyperrealism. The object of hyperrealist fiction is alchemical. It aims to ask: What am I? What is this heart, throbbing and alive, and why can’t I seem to find the right outlet for it? Alchemy is to find the right spiritual formula to spurn the expectations of the world and synthesize a life that allows for the opus–the spiritual, individual masterwork–to take center stage. This requires radical emotional honesty and intestinal fortitude. It demands that one be a bastion of faith and have a spirit like a citadel. Herman believes in miracles.

Blink of an Eye

A short story by Shaurya Arya

Shaurya Arya-Kanojia is the author of the novella, End of the Rope. He likes sports (cricket, mostly), eating out, and watching reruns of The Office and Everybody Loves Raymond. His social media handles include @shauryaticks (Twitter) and @main.hoon.ek.sharara (Instagram), and more about him can be found at

Blink of an Eye was previously published in Writenow Lit Mag. You can check them out here

Pages of a Sue-Side Note

A poem by Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi

Trigger Warning: suicide

Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi is a DVM student at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Pursuing his enthusiasm for poetry, He has his works published/Forthcoming in Poet’s choice, Echo mag, and a few more. He reads at the sea glass lit and edits for the incognito. He tweets from; @OladejoAFeranmi

A short story by Cecilia Kennedy

Cecilia Kennedy (she/her) taught English and Spanish language/literature in Ohio for 20 years before moving to Washington state with her family. Since 2017, she has published her stories in international literary journals, magazines, and anthologies. Her work has appeared in Maudlin House, Coffin Bell, Idle Ink, Tiny Molecules, Streetcake Magazine, Wrongdoing Magazine, Rejection Letters, Open Minds Quarterly, Headway Quarterly, Flash Fiction Magazine, Kandisha Press, Ghost Orchid Press, and others.  Additionally, she enjoys being a volunteer adult beverages columnist for The Daily Drunk, a proofreader for Flash Fiction Magazine, and a concept editor for Running Wild Press.

The Day of the Flood

A collection of poetry by Simon Alderwick

Simon Alderwick is originally from England but currently lives in the Philippines. His poetry has appeared in Magma, Eye Flash, Ink Sweat & Tears, Acid Bath, Broken Spine, Acropolis, Black Flowers and Anthropocene, among others. He’s on Twitter @SimonAlderwick 


Jacob Diver

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